Lawrence Schuessler



Looking for opportunities to catalyze the empowerment of individuals through meaningful experience, mentorship and mindfulness. 


Stanford University 

Instructor, Flourishing Lab Facilitator (2018-Current)

  • Instruct under the Outdoor Prefix., under Health and Human Performance. Classes taught include: Gym to Crag, Intermediate Anchors, Rock Climbing 101, Backpacking 101, 102. Design and instruct all classes, manage all risk on field sections. 

  • Manage a class size of 8-12 students, graduate, post-doc, and undergrad.

  • Facilitate initiatives, games, and low rope experiences with various populations and ages from many different backgrounds. 

  • Design and implement experiential experiences for business executives, students, and other populations. Aimed at building teamwork, resilience, compassion and self-awareness. 

Stanford University 

Stanford Adventure Programs (2018- Current) 

Outdoor Center Coordinator, 

Administrative Responsibilities 

  • Review and administer services, make recommendations, and influence decisions on routine issues regarding the rental program and its leadership.

  • Assist in making first level decisions on issues regarding the operations of the Outdoor Center. Resolve basic issues within the Adventure Programs unit using defined policies, practices, and supervisory knowledge as reference.

  • Collaborate with the Adventure Program Staff to approve and resolve complex issues related to the governance and operation of the rental program.

  • Contribute to developing and analyzing the review process of offerings, policies, and services related to the rental program and the Outdoor Center.

  • Collect and analyze data to prepare reports on user statistics, membership, and inventory control.Contribute to identifying trends, needs analysis, participate in the implementation and testing of new services.

  • Maintain inventory to ensure access to the general public as well as course offerings.Develop efficiencies for inventory control  & space management for equipment.

  • Execute cleaning protocols for equipment prior to re-shelving as it is returned. Maintain chemical solutions for industrial cleaning equipment.

  • Maintain library and resource center. Recommend new books and resources to be added. Ensure the space is kept orderly and books properly accounted for.

Store Operations  

  • Collect and analyze data on store sales and patron requests to prepare reports used for purchasing and inventory control. Quarterly reports to be provided to the Assistant Director for review.

  • Maintain adequate inventory and documentation to keep the store operating smoothly.Ensure the store is faced nightly to promote sales.

  • Develop a merchandising plan for Adventure Program branded items.

Staff Management

  • Provide general guidance and counsel to students and contingent staff on policies, services, and planning for future needs.

  • Apprise students of opportunities and participate in related student recruitment and selection for Outdoor Center leadership opportunities.

  • Train, supervise, and coach other staff, volunteers, students, and temporary workers.Provide oversight of routine Outdoor Center cleaning chores to guarantee the space is pristine. 

Community Engagement

  • Oversee the development of marketing materials and strategies for the Adventure Program, assist in planning and developing services, outreach functions, newsletters, and social media campaigns.

  • Serve as a basic information resource to other departments, divisions, and units about Outdoor Center related support opportunities.

  • Participate as a member of several project teams.

  • Serve as the primary resource for Outdoor Center related community events such as speaking engagements, club gathers, movie nights, popcorn Fridays, etc.

Outward Bound California 

Associate Program Director ( 2016- 2018)

Program Leadership

  • Collaborate as a member of the Joshua Tree  management team to determine and fulfill program needs, goals and strategy. Create, improvise and implement course and basecamp systems to grow the Joshua Tree Program. 

  • Primary supervisory responsibilities are to provide oversight, supervise, mentor and develop Course Directors. Mentorship and development of staff training curriculum and implementation per season. 

  • Participate in the administration and delivery of all courses to ensure that course quality remains true to OBCA mission and educational outcomes.

  • Coordinate and ensure follow-through of the feedback system and implementation of change between the field and program team. Create and role model professionalism at all times. 

  • Ensure that all Forest Service, National Park and other land management policies and procedures are known and followed by staff. Oversee permit scheduling and campground reservations throughout the summer season. In conjunction with the PD, renew and revise commercial use agreements with land agencies. Track and submit monthly and yearly use reports to land managers.

  • In coordination with the Program Managers and Logistics Manager, conduct both pre-season and end of season interviews with staff. Review and revise student materials including packing lists, itineraries and web content..Oversee and delegate the course planning process for future seasons, have an active voice in the strategic planning of the program.


  • Participate in incident command and on-call system.Share on-call responsibilities with management team. Ensure accurate and complete incident reporting. Respond to field emergencies. Develop protocol and drills. 

  • Review and revise local policies and procedures. 

Site Support

  • In coordination with management team, support on site students when needed and oversee supervision and coordination of early departures.

  • Develop and execute effective system to track and coordinate service for staff.

  • In coordination with the management team, supervise and manage staff housing, including orienting new and returning staff to base camp expectations. Participate in basecamp set-up and take-down. Participate in daily community meetings and chores. Ensure that all facilities are kept at the highest possible condition.

  • Manage basecamp facilities, including prescribed maintenance, and coordinating repairs and upgrades.Ensure all local and state housing and health code requirements are current. 

Business Management

  • Coordinate the collection and proper filing and dissemination of all course paperwork. Ensure that all course paperwork is completed with excellence.

  • Coordinate with local vendors to maintain smooth basecamp operations.

  • Manage all field and basecamp technology. 

  • Track and manage all personal expenses and receipts.

  • Oversee and track specific and relevant line items of the program budget, track and submit bi-weekly payroll reports. Manage petty cash use and sign out.

  • Coordinate the acquisition of all OBCA logo’d course materials.

Outward Bound California (2014-2016)

Program Manager- Joshua Tree 

  • Overseeing Staff, Logistics, Course Quality, Risk Management, and the day to day operations of the Joshua Tree programing.Collaborate as a member of the Joshua Tree management team to determine and fulfill program needs, goals and strategy.

  • Provide Course Director oversight and support. Supervise, mentor and develop Course Directors. Participate in the administration and delivery of all courses to ensure that course quality remains true to OBCA mission and educational outcomes. Create, edit and adjust course curricula as needed.Coordinate and ensure follow-through of the feedback system and the exchange between the field and program team.

  • Create and role model professionalism at all times. Uphold and follow all policies. Hold staff accountable for the same.

  • Ensure that all Forest Service, National Park and other land management policies and procedures are known and followed by staff.

  • Ensure accurate and complete incident reporting for all courses. Create the content and delivery methods for course safety briefings and support the dissemination of quarterly safety reports for all courses.

  •  Respond to field emergencies, participate in On- Call responsibilities 

Outward Bound California (2010- Current)

Trainer, Course Director, Instructor 

  • Mentor, manage, and train staff in technical, interpersonal and expedition skills

  • Trainer, Course Director, Instructor and Logistics when needed

  • Process and organize paperwork, manage small budget, inventory gear.

  • Facilitate effective instructor preparation, wilderness courses, debriefings and evaluations

  • Create curriculum and resources for all 3 of the OBCA bases

  • Teach life skills while facilitating student learning of self, community & world

  • Mitigate risk while maintaining physically/emotionally safe environments for all participants

Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (2013 - Current)

Wilderness Guide

  • Co-facilitate 10 day meditation wilderness retreat with 1 Dharma Teacher and 1 Assistant 

  • Manage all safety and risk management in the wilderness, manage all  logistics 

  • Develop and implement mindfulness curriculum

Outward Bound Wilderness (2005-2012)

Trainer/Course Director/Instructor

  • Coordinated logistical, administrative and field components for wilderness expeditions 5-30 days in length

  • Instructed backpacking, mountaineering, rock climbing and canoeing  courses for adult, youth and special populations

  • Manage all risk, logistics, student behavior and mentor incoming staff 

  • Locations include: Colorado, Florida, Alabama, California 

The Eagle Rock School  (2009-2011)

Wilderness Instructor

  • Lead new students on 25 wilderness course, evaluating students behaviors and actions on course

  • Advising and managing new students on campus before and after expedition

  • Develop curriculum and resources 

  • Managing logistics, expedition prep and post, interfacing with parents and school administrators

  • Training and managing new staff, managing resupplies, managing in the field safety, along with any field emergencies

The Crossroads School  (2009-2016)


  • Plan, shop, organize and cook, clean and manage all logistics for basecamp course throughout california

  • Instructing- plan curriculum, risk management, facilitate rock climbing, backpacking, etc. 

Prescott College (2002- 2015)

Course Director, Instructor

  • Lead  22-day Wilderness Orientation in various wilderness areas in Arizona.

  • Teach about PC philosophie, how to graduate, group process, expeditionary travel and planning, interpersonal communication skills, wilderness skills. Give growth oriented feedback, hold students and staff accountable, manage budget, logistics and transportation to and from wilderness area, and  lead staff training. 


MSc- Outdoor Education Sustainable Leadership   Gaia University Boulder, CO

BA- Adventure Education - Prescott College                                        Prescott, AZ 


Wilderness First Responder - Since 2000

Adult/Child CPR, AED & Airway Management - Since 2000

American Mountain Guide Association Certified Single Pitch Instructor - Since 2012

Level 1 Avalanche Forecasting - Since 2005

2 Stars British Canoe Union- Since 2003

Competent Crew- Registered Yacht Association - since 2017 

NOLS Risk Management Training - 2019 

References given upon request.