Lawrence Schuessler

Lawrence Schuessler has been working in the field of outdoor education for the past 20 years. He has worked in the mountains of Colorado, California, Utah and New Mexico. He has lead trips in the canyons of Arizona and Utah, and kayaked in the Pacific Ocean. Over the years, he has held many roles within the outdoor education industry, from managing logistics, instructing, and being a program director. Lawrence enjoys working all the different roles within outdoor programming, for he feels it keeps him engaged, empathetic, and excited. Lawrence has a broad skill set that includes rock climbing, backpacking, mountaineering, canoeing, kayaking and canyoneering. As an educator Lawrence whole-heartily believes in the power of experiential education and place based learning, and facilitates experiences that are supported by those philosophies. He also knows that long periods of time in the wilderness is magical and he does all he can to help his students drop into and be held by the wild. On the expeditions that Lawrence facilitates, he weaves in both mindfulness and mindful movement in the hope of providing another way for students to drop into the experience as well as providing a tool that students can take home with them after the trip. Lawrence is comitted to equity, inlcusion, diversity and relevancy, and he weaves these topics and learnings into all of his teaching through stories, asking questions, and listening. When Lawrence is not in the wild, he can be found trail running, painting, riding his bicycle or cooking with his partner Caitlin.